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Infinity PowerPoint diagram 1

Infinity Diagram for PowerPoint

Free diagram shapes with infinity symbol for PowerPoint. Includes 8 slides, with the single editable infinity shape and with 7 examples.

Iceberg PowerPoint charts 4

Iceberg Diagram for PowerPoint

Free iceberg diagram for PowerPoint. Used in various fields (marketing, management, psychology, human resources, finance) the iceberg model is an analogy that allows to illustrate opposite or dual concepts. Includes 3 slides, with editable shapes and with 2 concrete examples: “The iceberg model of meaning”, and “The iceberg analogy of a brand”

Sphere 3D PowerPoint diagrams 2

Spheres 3D Diagrams for PowerPoint

Free editable spheres 3D diagram shapes for PowerPoint. With 4 parts / slices that can be separated. A creative way to make your matrix more visual. Contains 5 slides.

Circle sphere diagrams for PowerPoint 4

Circle Spheres Diagrams For PowerPoint

Free circle spheres for PowerPoint. Pre-designed diagrams made of 9 to 4 fully editable shapes. Also known as radial diagrams or even Venn diagrams, the use of these overlapping spheres is great to illustrate...

Wheels PowerPoint diagrams 2

Wheel diagrams for PowerPoint

Free wheel diagrams (also known as spider, radar or radial charts) for PowerPoint. A method for displaying multiple attributes simultaneously, wheel diagrams are often used for comparison. Includes 6 slides, with 3 different editable...