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swot-analysis-powerpoint-1The SWOT analysis is an important tool used in academia or business to highlight and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is particularly helpful for auditing the overall strategic position of a business and its environment and in identifying areas for development.

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  1. chunsan says:

    여러분의 의견 *very good

  2. HEMCHANDER says:

    Dear sir
    kindly please send me the ppt for swot analysis of flying machine jeans to my emailid

  3. Katie says:

    I cannot even figure out how to download the SWOT analysis slides. All I am seeing is pictures that are not downloadable-am I missing something?>

  4. admin says:

    Hi Katie,

    Simply do click on the download icon, located at the bottom of the post (just above the rating thing…). It should work…

  5. David Pham says:

    The template is perfect. I could download it for my usage. Millions thanks to one who created this.

  6. Friendly Visitor says:


  7. visitor says:

    thanks! it helped me a lot!

  8. joe111980 says:

    Is there any attribution involved here? I cannot find any text that implies attribution, but the conditions of use text file that was downloaded along with the templates indicates that.

  9. admin says:

    Hi Joe11980, please attribute “showeet.com” for the use of the work. Thank you!

  10. SS says:

    thank you for these usefull sources.

    Happy new year and best wishes~!

  11. hafize says:

    Your Comment*

    I cannot download the SWOT analysis presentation.

    I need the ppt version if this presentation.

    could you help?

  12. Moses says:

    Thank you sharing this great work.

    Before using this template, I want to make sure about ‘no derivative work’.

    Would it be possible for me to make some changes on your work.

    Since the people I am going to present are not for English speakers, some words need to be translated to theirs.

    I hope that it is possible.

    Thanks again & hope I can hear from you soon. 🙂

    • Zirk says:

      @ Moses : Hi Moses, thank you for asking. ‘No derivative work’ is mainly for distribution purpose. Of course you can freely use the work you find here, and adapt it to your needs.

      @ hafize : Hi, simply do click on the icon with the green arrow, it should work!

  13. Franz Schubert says:

    Great tools for presentation. I can really recommend them!

  14. Thuha says:

    I do love the templates but I tried but i have no way to add my text on it. Can anyone tell me how to this. Millions thanks!

  15. Zirk says:

    @Thuha : Hi Thuha, of course we can help you. What do you want to do exactly?

  16. Brian says:

    good one

  17. Cynthia says:

    excellent product and the best thing is free commend

  18. Kittima says:

    Very useful.

  19. kris says:

    I cannot download. It is only downloading a program similar to drop box. i don’t want download software, I want the powerpoint. or is that not really available. Kris

    • Zirk says:

      @ kris : Hi kris, simply do click on the download icon, located at the bottom of the post (just above the rating thing, with the green arrow…).

  20. Shona says:

    Very creative and easy to download and use….
    Thank You Showeet.. you made you lives easy and our presentation look beautiful.

  21. Blue says:

    Thank you very much. I downloaded it and now my presentation is great!

  22. Zirk says:

    @Blue: Hi, very glad that that these SWOT diagrams are helpful for you! Thank you for using it…

  23. Cath says:

    This is brilliant! Please kindly share this with me. Thanks!

  24. Zirk says:

    @Cath: Hi Cath, sure just do click on the download button (the icon with the green arrow) 😉

  25. 장기중 says:


  26. ehab says:

    million Thanks, you are amazing

  27. nva says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! very useful.

  28. alexey says:

    thanks brothers ,very beatiful slides. i have spent long time that find this, thanks

  29. NoChang says:

    fucking awesome!

  30. Kaes says:

    Thank you guys for the wonderful collection! Will definitely quote your work in all my presentations.

  31. Priya says:

    I need to eliminate the showeet icon…… How I do it?…..

    • Zirk says:

      Hey @Priya, you need to go to the Master Slides to remove the icon (View >> Slide Master… the icon is located in the 1st main slide master). Or simply select and copy/paste the matrix into your presentation document!

  32. huda says:

    Thank you so much for this free download 🙂

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