Circle sphere diagrams for PowerPoint

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Circle Spheres Diagrams For PowerPoint

Free circle spheres for PowerPoint. Pre-designed diagrams made of 9 to 4 fully editable shapes. Also known as radial diagrams or even Venn diagrams, the use of these overlapping spheres is great to illustrate a Process Cycle, or the main elements of a strategic model. Comes with various examples: Business Plan, E-Learning Strategy, Social Media Campaign, The McKinsey 7S Model, Mintzberg’s 5 Ps of Strategy, The Ansoff Matrix.

Wheels PowerPoint diagrams

Charts & diagrams

Wheel diagrams for PowerPoint

Free wheel diagrams (also known as spider, radar or radial charts) for PowerPoint.
A method for displaying multiple attributes simultaneously, wheel diagrams are often used for comparison. Includes 6 slides, with 3 different editable shapes (with 8, 6 and 4 slices) and with 3 examples.

Product Life Cycle PowerPoint template

Charts & diagrams

Product Life Cycle Diagrams for PowerPoint

Free editable Product Life Cycle diagrams for PowerPoint. Includes 6 high pre-designed quality slides with fully editable (i.e. easily customizable) graphics. Also known as maturity diagrams, these free premium business templates will suit student’s, teacher’s or professionnal’s (e.g. marketer’s or CEO’s) needs.

SWOT PowerPoint template

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SWOT Analysis #3 – Free PowerPoint Charts

Third variant of free SWOT analysis template for PowerPoint. Creative design with round shapes for the four quadrants of the matrix. Acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, the SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that provides managers with a critical snapshot of the organization’s internal and external environments.

Amazing pie-charts for PowerPoint

Charts & diagrams

Amazing Pie Charts for PowerPoint

Turn your boring pie charts into surprising and innovative illustrations. These free editable shapes for Powerpoint are to be used with your usual data-driven pie charts. Includes 7 shapes (drop, flower, splash, cog-wheel, star, saw blade, gear), 11 high pre-designed quality slides with editable (i.e. easily customizable) graphics, along with tutorial.