100+ PowerPoint Business Model Templates

100+ PowerPoint Business Model Templates

100+ stunning free PowerPoint business model templates of major Business Strategic Planning Tools: the BCG Matrix, GE/McKinsey and Ansoff matrices, SWOT/TOWS Analysis, and the Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategy and Five Forces models.

The 6 decision making tools and techniques featured in this PPTX document are among the most popular business strategy tools used by companies and managers for diagnosis purpose and to implement their strategic plans.

This marketing toolbox is great either for professional or educational purpose. This PPT file comes with popular marketing concepts explained, with author’s quotes and even unique pre-designed templates with text placeholders. It also includes blank worksheet slides (e.g., for meeting or working sessions).

Uses modern, attractive and business colors (that can still be edited and changed if needed).

You can use most of the template slides as it comes: just copy/paste the ones you need into your presentation, essay or assignment!


The ‘100+ PowerPoint Business Model Templates’ features:

  • 100+ pre-designed unique and professional slides
  • Empty worksheet slides
  • Handcrafted flat icons
  • Fully editable content
  • All objects are 100% vector. Easy to customize style (e.g., fills, outline, effects and scale) without quality loss
  • Modern, attractive and business colors
  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
  • FREE fonts used: Calibri, Calibri Light (system fonts)
  • Format: PowerPoint (.PPTX)
  • License: Free – Attribution (please read carefully the ‘Terms of Use‘ before using this template, restrictions may apply)


These free template slides for Power Point detail 6 essential analysis tools for business, management and marketing:


01. Boston Consulting Group / BCG Matrix (21 slides)

The Growth Share Matrix

To be successful, a company should have a portfolio of products with different growth rates and different market shares. The portfolio composition is a function of the balance between cash flows. High growth products require cash inputs to grow. Low growth products should generate excess cash. Both kinds are needed simultaneously.

Bruce Henderson

The BCG growth share approach evaluates the strategic position of the business brand portfolio. This diagnostic and prescriptive model is often used to determine what priorities should be given in the product portfolio of a business unit.

The matrix:

  1. On the vertical axis: market growth rate provides a measure of market attractiveness
  2. On the horizontal axis: relative market share serves as a measure of company strength in the market.

It breaks down products into four categories: Dogs, Cash Cows, Stars and Question Marks:

Boston Consulting Group BCG Matrix for PowerPoint

Example of BCG Matrix for PowerPoint

Other BCG Matrix templates:


02. General Electric / McKinsey Matrix (10 slides)

The Multifactor Portfolio Matrix

The GE–McKinsey nine-box matrix, (is) a framework that offers a systematic approach for the multibusiness corporation to prioritize its investments among its business units.


The GE/McKinsey Matrix is a diagnostic framework that classifies each SBU by the extent of its competitive advantage and the attractiveness of its industry.

The matrix:

  1. On the vertical axis: market attractiveness combines market size, market growth rate, market profitability, pricing trends, competitive rivalry, entry barriers, etc.
  2. On the horizontal axis: business strength encapsulates factors like market share (and growth), strength of assets and competencies, customer loyalty, relative cost position and profit margins, etc.
GE - McKinsey Matrix for PowerPoint

Example of GE / McKinsey Matrix for PowerPoint

Other GE/McKinsey Matrix templates:


03. SWOT / TOWS Analysis Matrix (20 slides)

The Competitive Analysis Matrix

The SWOT analysis (also known as the reversed acronym TOWS) is the overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The situational or business policy framework allows to assessing an organization’s internal capabilities and capability gaps (strengths and weaknesses) and matching these to the external environmental conditions (opportunities and threats) in which it operates.

The matrix:

  1. On the vertical axis: factors divided according to external or internal control
  2. On the horizontal axis: the positive (helpful) or negative (harmful) factors
SWOT - TOW Matrix for PowerPoint

Example of SWOT / TOWS Analysis Matrix for PowerPoint

SWOT - TOW Analysis for PowerPoint w/ definition

SWOT Analysis template for Power Point, with definition of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Other SWOT Analysis templates:


04. Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies (20 slides)

The Competitive Advantage Matrix

Framework that exposes three general types of positioning strategies to achieve competitive advantage. These three strategies are: Cost leadership, Differentiation, and Focus (or Market Segmentation).

A “Focus” strategy is narrow in scope while both cost leadership and differentiation are relatively broad in market scope (industrywide).

Porter added that a company could fall into the trap of being “stuck in the middle” of the generic strategies of differentiation and cost leadership, and thus failing to achieve any competitive advantage:

Porter's Generic Strategies Matrix Stuck in the Middle

Porter’s Generic Strategies template for PowerPoint. According to Michael E. Porter, a firm could fail to achieve a competitive advantage, and is in a “stuck in the middle” situation

The matrix:

  1. On the vertical axis: Strategic Target, looks at the size and composition of the market a business intends to target (broad, or narrow)
  2. On the horizontal axis: Strategic Advantage, is a supply-side dimension and looks at the strength or core competency of the business (Low cost or Differentiation)
Porter's Generic Strategies Model

PPT template of the Porter’s Generic Strategy model, with handcrafted icons

Porter's Generic Strategies Model

Another PPT example of Porter’s Generic Strategies model


05. Porter’s Five Forces Model (22 slides)

Forces Driving Industry Competition

The five forces model is a diagnostic model that helps managers with analyzing competitive forces in the industry environment in order to identify opportunities and threats.

The model:

  1. Potential entrants which is the risk of entry by potential competitors
  2. The intensity of rivalry among existing firms within an industry
  3. The bargaining power of buyers
  4. The bargaining power of suppliers
  5. The threat of substitute products
Porter's Five Forces Model for PowerPoint

Porter’s Five Forces Model – template example option included in the PPT toolbox

Porter's 5 Forces Model for PowerPoint

Another layout alternative of the Porter’s 5 Forces Model for PowerPoint


06. Ansoff Matrix (16 slides)

The Product-Market Growth Matrix

The Ansoff Matrix is a simple diagnosis framework which allows to structure thinking and helps a business determine its product and market growth strategy.

The matrix:

  1. On the vertical axis: existing markets and new markets
  2. On the horizontal axis: existing products and new products
Ansoff Matrix for PowerPoint

Example of Ansoff Matrix for PowerPoint using a table


Presentation slides are organized into sections:

PowerPoint Sections

Navigation is made easier via the sections built into the document (go to the navigation panel, left of your PowerPoint document)


All the graphics are 100% editable:

PowerPoint Editable Matrix


Most of the models come with worksheet templates:

Worksheet PowerPoint


Slides included:

Slide size: widescreen (16:9) preview

Google Slides preview


Download the ‘100+ PowerPoint Business Model Templates’ for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Size: 1.6 MB

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