SWOT Analysis with Silhouettes for PowerPoint

Free SWOT analysis diagrams for PowerPoint with editable businessman silhouettes illustrating each of the 4 parts: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. PowerPoint document that contains 13 professionally pre-designed and ready-to-use slides.

All the elements and shapes are editable with latest versions of PowerPoint. Different parts of the SWOT silhouettes are independent and can be edited and colorized separately.

  • Silhouette 1, businessman with a cape: courage, determination, toughness, confidence, trust
  • Silhouette 2, businessman bent double and holding his head: (emotional) stress, exhaustion, overwork, problems, frustration, overwhelmed
  • Silhouette 3, businessman searching with magnifying glass: analyzing, asking, curiosity, inquest, questionnaire, exploration, attention to detail, recruitment
  • Silhouette 4, frightened businessman cowering behind his briefcase: competition, attacks, fear, lack of confidence, safety, hiding, protection, vulnerability

Presentation Package includes:

Slides included:

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Format(s) included: PPTX
Size: 2.6 MB

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