Traffic Lights PowerPoint

Charts & diagrams

Traffic Lights PowerPoint Template

Free traffic lights template for PowerPoint with road and traffic signal. These analogies are ideal to illustrate GO/NO GO concepts or to display analyses and comparisons in your presentations. This PowerPoint document contains 6 slides, with fully editable shapes (ungroup to edit the shapes and change colors).

Businessman showing directions for PowerPoint

Shapes & objects

Businessman Pointing Silhouette For PowerPoint

Free editable silhouette for PowerPoint of a businessman showing direction (or pointing at something) with pencil and reading his notes on clipboard. Suit w/ shoes, shirt, tie, face w/ hands, hair, clipboard are independent and can be colorized separately. Shape that can be used to illustrate a direction, providing guidelines or instructions, taking decisions, giving explanations, etc. Contains 1 slide.

Road Signs PowerPoint template


Road signs – Free Template for PowerPoint and Impress

“Road signs” is a free template for PowerPoint and Impress. Graphics represent a winding road, with a green lawn and road signs (direction sign and milestone). This template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide (white background, with a recall of the graphics on the bottom right of the slide).