2024 Calendar for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Step into a seamless scheduling experience with our 2024 Calendar presentation template. It’s designed to cater to your planning needs, featuring a modern, adaptable layout that integrates effortlessly into any professional setting.

Versatile 2024 Calendar Presentation Template

Immerse yourself in the practical elegance of this template, where each slide is a canvas for your dates and deadlines. The templates are a symphony of color and structure, from full-year views to detailed monthly breakdowns. With layouts for every timeframe, including semesters and quarters, the use of the Table function lends itself to effortless customization, ensuring your calendar is as unique as your plans.

Whether you’re plotting out business milestones or organizing academic semesters, this template is your ally. It’s perfect for project managers outlining phases, educators framing academic years, or event planners scheduling seasons. This calendar’s clarity and adaptability make it indispensable for anyone looking to make an impression with their time management.

Our 2024 Calendar presentation template transcends mere scheduling; it’s a strategic partner in your professional narrative. With its customizable design and comprehensive layout options, it stands as an essential asset for presenters and planners alike. Choose to convey time with style and precision, and let our template elevate your next presentation.

Preview Our Range of Customizable Calendar Layouts

Explore our range of calendar layouts: the full 12-month overview, 6-month semesters, 4-month spans, 3-month quarters, and detailed monthly views. Each preview showcases our blend of style and practicality, designed for ease of use and customization.

12 Months (Full Year) Layout Example:

2024 Full Year Calendar Layout Preview

6 Months (Semesters) Layout Example:

2024 Semester Calendar Layout Preview

4 Months Layout Example:

2024 Four Months Calendar Layout Preview

3 Months (Quarters) Layout Example:

2024 Quarterly Calendar Layout Preview

Monthly Calendar Layout Example:

2024 Monthly Calendar Layout Preview

Effortless Customization of Calendar Templates

Crafting your ideal 2024 calendar has never been simpler with our user-friendly templates. Every one of the 56 custom-designed slides is primed and ready for action, awaiting your unique touch. Built with PowerPoint tables, these calendars promise effortless editing and personalization. Should you wish to switch up the style, it’s as easy as a few clicks: just select your table, tap into the ‘Design’ tab, choose from the array of ‘Table Styles’, and apply the layout that fits your vision. Whether for Google Slides or PowerPoint, your calendar is just a few tweaks away from perfect alignment with your brand or personal aesthetic.

Calendar 2019 PowerPoint Table Design Customization
Easy-to-customize layout via the different PowerPoint Table Styles

Click on the table >> Design >> Table Styles >> Select/apply the desired layout

Tip: to remove a table style, go to Design >> Table Tools > More, and then click Clear Table.

The ‘2024 Calendar for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ document features:

  • 56 professionally pre-designed slides
  • Easy customization of graphics and text using PowerPoint tables – no Photoshop required!
  • Widescreen format for expansive display (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Available for both PowerPoint (.PPTX) and Google Slides
  • Free to use with attribution – check ‘Terms of Use‘ for details

Free font used:

  • Calibri (System Font)

Slides included:

Google Slides preview:


Download the ‘2024 Calendar for PowerPoint’ for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Size: 594.38 KB

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