Hi-Def Editable PowerPoint Map of USA – Free Map

High-def editable map of the United States of America with states for your PowerPoint presentation.

High definition = very detailed outlines
Editable = you can easily edit each state (or the US outline) to add your color or resize to fit your presentation.
Contains 7 slides

Map Package includes:

Slides included:

Download the maps for free!

Format(s) included: PPT
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Size: 574 KB

19 thoughts on “Hi-Def Editable PowerPoint Map of USA – Free Map”

    • Hi Jim, it is a compatibility issue (this one has been done with an earlier version of PPT, the reason why you have some jpeg images)… I will update it asap. Thank you for your comment!

    • @ John : Hi, which PPT version do you have? If you have an older version (e.g. 97-2003), editing the shapes won’t work…

  1. Love the vector maps of the US – however, some states cannot be edited? California, for example, you cannot edit the points (I need to color half the state for Northern California team). I can edit Oregon but not Maine, etc.

    Am using PPT 2010.

  2. Some of the states cannot have their points edited (need to clone California and cut it in half for a sales map). Why is that? Some states can be edited, some cannot.

  3. @ Matthew : Hi, Matthew, thank you very much for your comment and for using the maps. That’s weird… and actually you are right! Probably the editing issue is coming from the initial graphic conversion… as this is a quite old template, I need to go back to the source file, and I will fix that in the next few days (sorry I can’t do it earlier…). This post definitely deserves some optimization… thank you again!

  4. Thanks for sharing; this is great! For everyone having trouble; just right click the map images, and under grouping just ungroup. You need to ungroup twice since the map and text are one group and then states are another group.

    • @EM : Hi, just make sure you click on the Download button (the green arrow). This is a ZIP file… Never download .exe files (could be some misleading ad…). To open/extract the ppt document inside, you will need a soft like Winzip or Winrar.

  5. Trying to make Power Point slide for the 6 states that I cover. When clicking on the green download button it shows a page for map galaxy traffic maps. How do I get past this?

    • @Jim : Hi Jim, please make sure you download the .ZIP file – ‘3-0001.zip’ (and not a .EXE which would probably be a file from an ad…), and extract the files in your computer. Then open the ‘3-0001.ppt’ file…

      Please let me know if this is OK now.

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