8-bit Pixel Mario Bros for PowerPoint

8-bit popular Nintendo character Super Mario for your PowerPoint presentations. The 2 pixelized illustrations are fully editable (i.e. vectorized), and built-in a PowerPoint document, thus can be optimized according to your needs (size, colors…). Contains 4 slides, for 2 different Mario situations: standing and running (and with or without pixel borders).

Presentation Package includes:

  • 4 slides
  • Editable graphics (to easily customize colors and size)
  • Format available: PowerPoint 2007-2013 (.PPTX)

Slides included:

Editable graphics:

Select the whole (grouped) shape…
…and resize it as needed
Ungroup the shape in order to individualize every pixel
… and then easily customize the pixel colors as needed

Super Mario Bros.® is a Nintendo® trademark

Download the shapes for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Size: 156 KB

5 thoughts on “8-bit Pixel Mario Bros for PowerPoint”

  1. @ ryan : Thank you ryan for your valuable comment, and I trust you know your stuff to say so. I completely agree about the missing… hand. I updated the post and document accordingly. Actually this is not really about (accurate) photos, but rather shapes imbedded in a PowerPoint document. The objective of this tentative is not to do a perfect 8bit picture, but to reproduce a bigger picture of the original 8bit Mario. As far as I could found, different versions have been made by Nintendo. Thanks again.

  2. @ ryan you cannot look into the mouth of a gifted horse. and Anyway the idea of template here is not reproducing the Mario accurately but to provide a template ‘representing’ Mario and which can be used for it’s actual main purpose that is – Related topic presentation and Zirk is doing a great job at it I feel. Just my opinion!


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