Retro Ad Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Step into a world of nostalgia with our “Retro Ad Template” for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Boasting vintage designs and hues of the 1950s, let your presentations tell a tale like no other.

Vintage Vibes: Dive into the 1950s with Our New Free Template!

Step back in time with the charm of the 1950s through our latest free template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Unveiling the iconic visuals of vintage ad campaigns, this design ensures that your presentations captivate and resonate. The template immerses you in an authentic vintage-inspired retro design, reminiscent of the print and poster ads that graced the golden 50s. With a total of 20 intricately designed slides and an extra one brimming with editable labels like “New”, “Wow!”, and “Yay!”, it brings depth and dynamism to your content. Further enhancing its versatility, there are 10 distinctive sub-templates, each featuring a cover slide paired harmoniously with a “title and content” slide, both bathed in the same nostalgic hue.

Colors of Yesteryears: A Palette That Speaks Volumes

The chosen colors sing a ballad of the past. The Skyline Blue (#76B8C3) mirrors the tranquil skies of yesteryears, while the Sundown Gold (#F4CB84) harks back to the warmth of sunlit vintage posters. Then there’s the gentle Pastel Green (#CFDCB0), reminiscent of the serene wallpapers that once adorned classic living spaces. The Cotton Candy Pink (#DDABC7) stirs up memories of delightful carnivals from days gone by, and the lively Retro Coral (#E48774) channels the vibrancy that defined the era’s lively spirit.

Built for Perfection: Embedded Palette and Editable Designs

In the meticulously crafted design of this free template, attention to detail shines through. Notably, all the reminiscent colors are embedded directly into the presentation, thanks to the color palette built into the slide master. This integrated approach ensures a seamless and professional aesthetic every time you use the template. Moreover, for those who like to play with hues or have specific branding guidelines to adhere to, there’s added flexibility. The design is completely editable, allowing for easy customization of colors to perfectly align with your unique needs or preferences. This adaptability doesn’t just stop at colors; from graphics to fonts, every element can be tweaked to perfection, making your presentation truly one-of-a-kind.

Storytelling with a Vintage Touch

Given its thematic depth, this template is a match made in heaven for those looking to present historical timelines, nostalgic marketing campaigns, or simply to bring a touch of the past into modern-day storytelling.

To conclude, breathe life into your presentations with a touch of history and nostalgia. With the fully customizable Retro Ad Template, let your content shine uniquely, with every slide telling its own timeless tale.

The presentation theme features:

  • 20 pre-designed unique, clean and professional slides
  • Custom master slide layouts
  • Master layout with picture placeholders
  • Fully editable content (graphics and text) via PowerPoint – No Photoshop needed!
  • All objects are 100% vector. Easy to customize style (e.g., fills, outline, effects, and scale) without quality loss
  • Built-in custom color palette
  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
  • Formats: PowerPoint (.POTX) – created with PowerPoint Microsoft 365 and optimized for Google Slides (Cf. preview and access link below)
  • License: Free – Attribution (please read carefully the ‘Terms of Use‘ before using this template, restrictions may apply)


  • Calibri

Slides included:

Google Slides preview:


Download this ‘Free Template for PowerPoint’ for free!

Format(s) included: POTX
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Size: 2.43 MB

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