Dice Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free collection of dice infographics for your PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. Editable, ready and easy-to-use.

We all know, creating a presentation or presenting should never be about rolling the dice, but about preparation. And what if you do both?

There is a million ways to use these beautiful 3D dice infographics in your presentations. These templates will surely help you perfectly convey your message. Just be creative!

Each presentation document contains a complete selection of 12 custom-made dice infographics variants with completely editable creative shapes and text placeholders.

Pick the dice infographics you need from a complete range of design options: from single dices with 1 to 6 dots, 7 dices in a Vic formation, good vs bad, on a balance, aligned…

2 (optimized) size layouts are available for your convenience: standard (4:3 screen ratio) and widescreen (16:9).

Dice Infographics for PowerPoint - Optimized for Widescreen and Standard Layouts

The document ‘Dice Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ features:

  • 12 pre-designed unique, clean and professional slides
  • Fully editable content (graphics and text) via PowerPoint – No Photoshop needed!
  • Aspect ratios: Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9)
  • Format: PowerPoint (.PPTX) – created with PowerPoint for Office 365
    License: Free – Attribution (please read carefully the ‘Terms of Use‘ before using this template, restrictions may apply)

Free font used:

  • Calibri (System font)

Slides included:

Google Slides preview:

  Open and use the Google Slides document

Download these ‘Dice Infographics for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Size: 376.8 KB

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Size: 393.8 KB

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