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Social Media Thinking PowerPoint template 0

Social Media Thinking for PowerPoint

Free design for PowerPoint of male or female thinking about social media. Fully editable shapes, you can therefore change colors, sizes and icons in the bubbles (like business logos). Great to illustrate concepts about...

Social Network PowerPoint template 10

Social Networking PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint template about social networking services: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Fick’r, Pinterest and RSS. Presentation theme that includes 7 slides: 1 frontpage and 6 inside slides.

Circle sphere diagrams for PowerPoint 4

Circle Spheres Diagrams For PowerPoint

Free circle spheres for PowerPoint. Pre-designed diagrams made of 9 to 4 fully editable shapes. Also known as radial diagrams or even Venn diagrams, the use of these overlapping spheres is great to illustrate...