Businessman with watch for PowerPoint

Shapes & objects

Businessman Checking His Watch Silhouette For PowerPoint

Free editable silhouette for PowerPoint of a businessman standing and checking wristwatch. Suit w/ shoes, watch, tie, face w/ hands are independent and can be colorized separately. Shape that can be used for a ‘Time For A Break’ slide or to illustrate a deadline, duration, countdown, time-related, etc. Contains 1 slide.

Time for a break PowerPoint

Charts & diagrams, Templates

Time For A Break PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint template for a break time slide. Uses a fully editable/customizable chronometer (stopwatch) that could be adapted according to the duration of the break (between 1 and 60 minutes) and according to your color scheme. The graphic element (clipart) can also be easily inserted in your own presentation, as a diagram: for example to illustrate quantitative results, performance measures, intensity, etc.