Free Gantt Chart Template for Powerpoint

Free Gantt Chart Template for PowerpointFree Gantt chart (also called Gantt diagram) template for PowerPoint. Includes 4 high pre-designed quality slides with editable (i.e. easily customizable) graphics, along with tutorial. An essential project management tool used for scheduling projects, events or personal milestones or goals.

A Gantt Chart is a (production) control tool used for scheduling projects, events or personal milestones or goals. It is helpful when monitoring a project’s progress as it illustrates the start and finish dates of the elements (tasks) of a project, and the current completion levels of each.

Frequently used in project management, a Gantt chart provides a graphical illustration (a horizontal bar chart) of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project. It is created to show the order of actions (tasks) that must be done before a project can be considered complete.

Presentation Package includes:

  • 6 slides: 4 examples of Gantt chart templates and 2 additional “how to use it” slides (short tutorials)
  • Editable graphics (to easily customize colors and size)
  • Free Fonts Used: Tahoma, Calibri
  • Formats available: PowerPoint 2007-2013 (.PPTX)
  • Licence: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Slides included:

Download the diagrams for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Size: 211 KB

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