Pencils Data-Driven PowerPoint Graphs

Spice-up your PowerPoint graphs with these free data-driven charts using colored pencil shapes. Great for infographic illustrations. Presentation package includes 1 PPTX document with column and bar charts and 260 images (png file format) illustrating 13 colors. Each color comes in 2 orientations (horizontal and vertical), 2 designs and 5 sizes.

Presentation Package includes:

Slides included:

Features and how-to’s:

Step 1: insert your chart

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Insert chart
Go to Insert > Charts > Column or Bar

Step 2: select the bars or columns

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Edit data series
Click on the bar. You can either select a single bar or the whole series.
Go to Then > Format Data Series

Step 3: select the background of the series

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Insert Picture
Go to Format Data Series > Picture or texture fill

Step 4: insert picture

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Insert Picture
Select the picture you want to insert among the different options available (the ones you extracted from the zip file, in the “Pencils IMP” folder).

Data-driven PowerPoint graph with pencils
If you are working with a ‘Column’ chart, then select an image from the ‘Vertical’ folder; for a ‘Bar’ chart, then select the ‘horizontal’ folder.

Step 5: the result

Data-driven PowerPoint graph with pencils

Additional comments:

2 types of pencil designs are available:

Horizontal orientation:
Pencils - horizontal orientation

Vertical orientation:
Pencils - vertical orientation

5 different sizes are also available. Use them wisely to avoid the shapes to be distorted / stretched in your graph.

5 different pencil sizes per color and design

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Distorted pencil shapes
For example, this graph is using the same picture. You will notice that the sides of the pencils are distorted and uneven… to avoid this effect, select a different picture size for EACH bar or column.

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Distorted pencil shapes

Repeat for EACH bar/column. You should then get this final uniform and optimized result:

Data-driven PowerPoint charts - Not Distorted pencil shapes

Download the diagrams for free!

Format(s) included: PPTX
Size: 3.9 MB

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