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restaurant menu for PowerPoint 1

Restaurant Menu PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint template for restaurant menu. Theme package that includes 2 orientations: portrait and landscape. Contains 6 slides: 1 frontpage and 4 inside slides (w/ white, green, orange and yellow background) plus an extra...

3d paper infographics for powerpoint 0

3D Paper Diagram for PowerPoint

Free 3D Paper diagram for PowerPoint with folded ribbon effect. These pre-designed diagrams are especially suitable to illustrate elements with 4 parts or 4 concepts. Includes 3 slides with different shapes (variants). Shapes are...

Medical PowerPoint template 0

Medical Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint template with various healthcare and medical objects. Presentation theme that includes 2 variants: white/grey background or blue background. 4 slides: 1 frontpage and 1 inside slide for each variant.

2014 Calendar PowerPoint 0

Simple Calendar 2014 for PowerPoint

Free printable calendar 2014 for PowerPoint. Portait layout, with 12 months overview. 2014 with date boxes and numbered weeks. 2 versions: with week starts on Sunday and week starts on Monday (also known as...

Cause and Effect PowerPoint template 4

Cause and Effect Tree Diagrams For PowerPoint

Free diagrams with editable trees and leaves for PowerPoint. These pre-designed diagrams are especially suitable to illustrate Cause and Effect relationships (Cause: “why it happens?” and Effect: “what happens?”) or Word/Tag clouds. Includes 6...

Arrows PowerPoint diagram 1

Diagrams With Simple Arrows For PowerPoint

Free life cycle diagrams for PowerPoint with simple arrows. Pre-designed diagrams made of 4 to 8 fully editable shapes. Includes 7 slides, with different examples / variants. Shapes are editable, thus can be optimized...